Financial Statements

The Board of Health measures and reports on Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH)'s financial performance. For reports relating to the financial performance of the former Perth District Health Unit and Huron County Health Unit, please contact us.


Will be updated as available.


2021 Revenue Huron Perth Public Health
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | operating $18,428,074
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | immunization programs 18,275
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | flu campaign


Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | adjustment to prior years' funding  -
 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | one-time program revenue  665,607
MCCSS  986,674
 Health Canada 48,115
County of Huron  1,188,164
County of Perth  796,795
City of Stratford  644,933
Town of St. Marys   126,230
 Municipal larvicide funding  4,197
 Interest  699
 Other  169,802
TOTAL REVENUE  $23,077,870


2021 Expenses Huron Perth Public Health
Administrative expenses $450,018
Amortization of capital assets 800,379
Benefits 3,177,331
One time 490,376
Equipment 86,394
Fees for service 130,297
Program expenses 1,864,068
Property expense and rent 489,047
Salaries 15,651,204
 Travel  204,290
 Past service benefit costs 1,081,400
Total expenses 


Annual surplus (deficit) before restructuring adjustment


Audited Financial Statements