Bike and Road Safety

Practicing good bicycle and road safety will help you prevent injury.

Bicycle safety

Cycling is a fun way to exercise, but it is important to stay safe while riding. Be sure to follow these safety tips:

Remember that we all share the road! If you are a driver, you must keep one metre of distance when passing a cyclist, per Bill 31.

Host a bike safety course

Teach children the rules of the road and give them the chance to practice these skills with a bike safety course. Check out our how-to guide on hosting a bike rodeo:

This is a great school activity for children.

Car seats

Installing a safe car seat in your vehicle is the first step to keep your baby safe while driving. Learn how to safely install a car seat and review our tips for choosing a safe car seat.

Winter driving

Winter driving can be dangerous. Planning, staying alert, slowing down and staying in control are the key elements to safe winter driving. Review some winter driving tips and know where to turn for the latest road conditions:

Pedestrian crossovers

Many municipalities in Huron and Perth counties are installing pedestrian crossovers on city streets to make it safer for people to cross the road. Learn the rules to follow when you see a pedestrian crossover.