COVID-19 in Huron and Perth

A Provincial State of Emergency and Stay-at-Home order is currently in effect for the Province of Ontario. Learn more about restrictions and orders in place.

In addition to confirmed cases listed below, please know that there is local spread of the COVID-19 virus across Huron and Perth as well as the rest of Ontario. We must all act as if we could come into contact with COVID-19 anywhere in our community and as if we could pass COVID-19 on unknowingly.

About the data:

  • The data are updated on weekdays.
  • Data are current as of 1:30 p.m. the previous day.
  • The confirmed positive count is a cumulative total, and includes any resolved cases or fatalities. Some cases may be reassigned geographic areas as we receive more information.
  • We are aware that there have been some shipment errors between collection and the lab in a very small number of swabs and those tests are not included in these results. 
  • This is not a real-time tool but is meant to keep the community informed on trends we are seeing. We report positive cases, and demographic trends of positive cases such as age, gender and municipality.
  • We also report the province's estimate of the total number of tests taken in Huron and Perth counties. This number will include repeat tests on the same individual.

COVID Testing Data in Huron and Perth | January 16, 2021

To view current Huron-Perth information:

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  • You can also see the same information at Huron Perth Public Health on Tableau Public.

Additional COVID-19 data sources and reports: