Huron Perth Mass Vaccination Advisory Committee

The Huron Perth Mass Vaccination Advisory Committee (HPMVAC) was formed in December 2020 to guide the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Huron Perth. With the majority of Huron Perth residents vaccinated against COVID-19 by early 2022, the partners involved in HPMVAC decided to move into a longer-term sustainable vaccination model with support from community partners. As such, the committee voluntarily disbanded on February 10, 2022.  It will reconvene should the need arise. 

HPMVAC was a collaborative of numerous stakeholders including from Huron Perth Public Health, the Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team (representing more than 60 organizations including, but not limited to, Hospital, Paramedics, Primary Care, Community and Home Care, Mental Health and Addictions Services, Long-Term Care), pharmacy sector representation and municipalities.

Under the leadership of Huron Perth Public Health, the committee played a critical role in guiding the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, including strategic decisions, coordination, and communication of vaccination activities locally. 

HPMVAC is immensely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by all partners. This success would not have been possible without our dedicated community partners and enthusiastic community. HPMVAC members extend their gratitude and appreciation for everyone involved in local vaccination efforts, and everyone who has done their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

 HPMVAC Weekly | Bi-weekly Memos

Regional Prioritization of COVID-19 Vaccine Committee

The Ministry of Health, through the guidance of the provincial COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, prioritizes and directs the allocation of COVID-19 vaccine. Huron Perth Public Health, Middlesex-London Health Unit, and Southwestern Public Health struck a COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Advisory Committee, in January 2021, to help inform the public health units' decisions regarding further prioritization when necessary. This committee voluntarily disbanded on May 5, 2021, once regional vaccine supply increased to a sufficient amount, and will reconvene should the need arise.