Vaccination Proof and Certificates

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination

After receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be able to download a vaccine certificate with the QR code. Your vaccine certificate is an electronic record of your COVID-19 vaccination, including information about each dose, which can serve as a personal health record and/or proof of vaccination.

Ontario no longer requires businesses and organizations to check for proof of vaccination. However, businesses and organizations may voluntarily choose to check for proof of vaccination. 

Individuals may be required to show proof of vaccination by using your vaccine certificate when travelling within and outside of Canada. Check applicable requirements for your destination.

How to get a vaccine certificate with QR code 

1. Online using the provincial portal

Download or print your proof of vaccination (vaccination certificate) with the QR code using the provincial COVID-19 vaccination portal. This is your official vaccination receipt from the Ministry of Health. 

To log in and get your official receipt, you will need:

  • Your green photo OHIP card (you will need numbers from both the front and back of the card, expired cards will be accepted)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your postal code (the one associated with your health card)

Get your vaccine receipt

2. Request a copy from the Province

If you have a red and white health card, or would like a digital or paper copy of your vaccination receipt sent to you, call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900. This line is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays).

If you do not have an Ontario health card and need help getting your receipt, please call Huron Perth Public Health at 1-888-221-2133.

If you need help printing your vaccination certificate:

You can print your vaccination certificate for free in Huron Perth at the following locations:

You may also receive an email from the Ministry of Health after you get your vaccination:

  • If you provided an email address, you will receive an email from the Ministry of Health with a link to the provincial portal. You can use this link to get your receipt. 
  • Note: the link expires in 5 days. After that time, you can visit the Ontario COVID-19 vaccination service to download your proof of vaccination.

Vaccination exemptions

For businesses and organizations choosing to require proof of vaccination, individuals who have been issued a valid COVID-19 medical exemption will need to show their exemption through an enhanced vaccination certificate. Several Huron Perth area primary care providers have released a statement regarding medical exemption to immunization against COVID-19 [PDF]. If you are seeking an exemption, please follow the process below:

  • Contact your primary care provider to discuss reason for exception. If approved, the primary care provider must send the completed form to Huron Perth Public Health.
  • Once received and verified, Huron Perth Public Health will upload the information to your profile on COVaxON. You will then be able to download your vaccination certificate from the Ontario Portal.

Further information:

Registering a vaccine received outside of Ontario or Canada

If you live in Huron or Perth counties and received one or more doses of a COVID‑19 vaccine outside of Ontario, you should register it so you can:

  • book additional doses (if needed) in Ontario
  • be contacted if there is any clinical guidance about the vaccine you got
  • obtain a vaccination certificate with QR code that may be required to access certain settings that choose to continue to require proof of vaccination, or for travel purposes

You can register COVID-19 vaccine doses received outside of Ontario using our vaccine registration form. You will be required to submit proof of vaccination.

Submit out-of-province COVID-19 dose documentation