COVID-19 Update - April 12, 2021

Case count

  • Our data from Sunday, April 11, show that Huron Perth has a cumulative total of 1,480 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 20 cases added over the weekend. There are currently 49 active cases.  
    • There have been 32 presumptive positive screens for a variant of concern (VOC) in Huron Perth. Ten of these cases are currently active.
    • Details on where the active cases are, can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage.
    • There is currently one Huron Perth resident in hospital due to COVID-19.
    • The number of deaths death due to COVID-19 remains unchanged at 51. 
    • It is very important to continue following public health and workplace safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We must all act as if we could come into contact with the virus anywhere in any community, and as if we could transmit the virus to others unknowingly.

Ontario Health West Region snapshot, April 11, 2021

 West Region Snapshot


  • There are currently no COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care or retirement facilities in Huron Perth. One workplace outbreak remains active. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

  • As of April 9, 2021, Huron Perth Public Health is reporting 29,496 vaccine doses administered.
    • Total coverage of at least one dose = 22.3% as of April 8
    • Adults 80+ = 98.7%
    • Adults 75 – 79 = 86.7%
    • Adults 70 – 74 = 64.9%
  • It is important that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, continues to follow recommended public health measures. Vaccines are an additional layer of protection against COVID-19, however public health measures remain the foundation of the pandemic response while vaccines roll out across Ontario and the rest of the country.

Vaccine supply and appointment booking

  • Over the weekend, we received the latest estimates from the province of the amount of vaccine that will be delivered to HPPH over the next several weeks. As a result, we have had to adjust our clinic appointment availability. There are no clinics currently open to book appointments. We will not be posting additional clinics until we receive confirmation of vaccine deliveries for early May. Our website and phone line have been updated.
  • We understand that many people are eager to be vaccinated. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated will eventually have the opportunity to be vaccinated.  We thank everyone for their patience and remind people to be kind if calling HPPH. Abusive language will not be tolerated. 
  • HPPH is using all the COVID-19 vaccine that we receive, in our community clinics, and through deliveries to primary care providers.
  • Based on their designated vaccine supply, primary Care providers are reaching out to certain patient groups who are eligible. Primary care providers are also considering doing clinics in April with HPPH support.
  • Every health unit region moves through its eligible residents at different paces - we have had great uptake in our eligible groups so far, which means it takes longer to get through those groups - this is a good thing! It does mean that our residents may see other regions with broader eligibility because of the way they are getting through their groups.
  • The provincial strategy includes targeting some 'hot spots' in the province with additional vaccination opportunities. Huron Perth is not considered a hot spot.

Vaccine eligibility

  • As per provincial direction, education staff who provide direct support to students with complex special needs are eligible for vaccine. These staff are defined as those who support students who meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • require support with activities of daily living, including health and safety measures
    • are unable to wear masks for medical reasons
    • have complex medical needs  
    • cannot be accommodated through remote learning.
  • It is up to the school/school board to determine which staff are eligible, and provide eligible staff with a letter confirming their eligibility.
  • HPPH had hoped to expand vaccine eligibility to adults aged 60 and older this week, but based on the latest estimates from the province about our vaccine supply, we are not able to do that.
    • The public may see some newspaper ads for 60+ this coming week but those ads are incorrect. We apologize for any confusion this creates.
  • A full list of those who are currently eligible for the vaccine can be found on our website at

Pharmacy locations

  • Select pharmacies offer the AstraZeneca vaccine to adults aged 55 and older. They receive their vaccine supply separately from HPPH, so the reduction in allocation does not affect them.
  • There are currently three pharmacies in Huron Perth that are vaccinating, with the plan that more will be added.
  • The list of pharmacies administering vaccinations is available at:

Observing Ramadan

For Muslim residents, Ramadan has come at a difficult time once again due to the pandemic.  We encourage those who are observing Ramadan to follow public health measures:

  • Gather only with members of your own household; indoor gatherings with others are not permitted under the provincial shutdown
  • Outdoor gatherings must be limited to five people
  • Maintain physical distance of at least two metres from others
  • Wear a mask if physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Avoid travel to other regions except for essential reasons