COVID-19 Update - April 19, 2021

Case count

  • Our data from Sunday, April 18, show that Huron Perth has a cumulative total of 1,528 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 14 cases added over the weekend and one case reassigned to another health unit. There are currently 49 active cases.  
    • There have been 50 presumptive positive screens for a variant of concern (VOC) in Huron Perth. Eleven of these cases are currently active.
    • There is currently one Huron Perth resident in hospital due to COVID-19.
    • The number of deaths death due to COVID-19 remains unchanged at 52. 
    • More details on case counts can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage.
  • We continue to see virus transmission due to people getting together with others from outside their household and not wearing masks or physically distancing while doing so.  It is very important to continue following public health and workplace safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Variants, which predominate right now, spread much more easily.  We must all act as if we could come into contact with the virus in any community, and as if we could transmit the virus to others unknowingly.
  • The Ontario Health West Region dashboard from April 15, 2021:

Ontario Health West Region snapshot, April 15, 2021



  • There are currently no COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care, retirement homes, or schools in Huron Perth. Two workplace outbreaks remain active. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

  • As of April 16, 2021, Huron Perth Public Health is reporting 34,104 vaccine doses administered.
    • % coverage for one dose in:
      • 80+ = 99.8
      • 75 – 79 =  94.6
      • 70 – 74 = 100
      • 65 – 69 = 14.9
      • Total eligible population = 26
    • We will be updating our website with this information shortly.
  • Based on vaccine supply, we were able to open about 1400 appointment spots in our community clinics for the week of May 4.
  • A reminder that unlike some regions, we do not pre-register people for vaccinations; when people use our booking system, they are scheduling their vaccine appointment.
  • We understand that many people are eager to be vaccinated, and that is a good thing. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated will eventually have the opportunity to be vaccinated.  We thank everyone for their patience.
  • As always, a reminder that it is important for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to continue following recommended public health measures.

Vaccine eligibility

  • There has been no change to vaccine eligibility in Huron Perth.  We continue to work through adults aged 65 and older, highest risk health conditions, and other eligible groups.
  • A full list of those who are currently currently eligible for vaccine at Huron Perth clinics can be found on our website at

Pharmacy locations

  • Starting tomorrow April 20, 2021, Ontario will offer the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to individuals aged 40 and over, including through select pharmacies.
  • More Huron Perth pharmacies have been added to the list of pharmacies providing the AstraZeneca vaccine.  The full list of pharmacies administering vaccinations is available at:

 Provincial stay-at-home order

  • As you are aware, the Ontario government announced an extension to the province-wide stay-at-home order, and strengthened measures related to events and gatherings, religious services, retail capacity limits, and outdoor recreational amenities.
  • It is crucial that we stem the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and protect healthcare system capacity.
  • While case rates in Huron Perth have been lower than in much of the province, they have been rising. For example we went from an average of 19.3 weekly new cases per 100,000 on April 8 to 37.9/100,000 on April 15. Furthermore, incidence is high in the regions surrounding us.  We remain at risk while community transmission is not controlled elsewhere.
  • We understand that further restrictions are difficult for individuals and business; however, we need to work together to break the chains of transmission while vaccinating as many people as possible, in order to flatten this surge of cases, and prevent as many hospitalizations and deaths as possible.
  • People need be very diligent about following public health measures, especially minimizing their contact with others outside their household. I thank everyone for their efforts to mitigate against the pandemic.