COVID-19 Update - December 8, 2021

Case count

  • As of Tuesday, December 7, Huron Perth has a cumulative total of 2,620 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. There are currently 68 active cases.
    • There was one new death last week, bringing the total to 70. This was a community member whose case was connected to a workplace outbreak. We extend our condolences to the individual’s loved ones.
    • There are currently six people hospitalized due to COVID-19.
  • We continue to see a steady number of new cases. The more community transmission of the virus, the higher the likelihood of outbreaks in schools, workplaces and other settings.
  • Many cases are associated with social gatherings and events. 
  • Behave as if anyone you encounter could be infected with COVID-19 and as if you could transmit the virus to others.  Please continue to follow public health measures and advice to prevent COVID-19 transmission:
    • Wear a mask in indoor public spaces and any time physical distancing is a challenge
    • Limit close contacts/interactions
    • Maintain physical distance (2 metres) from those not in your household
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
    • Screen every day before going to work, school or childcare
    • Stay home if you are sick, even with mild symptoms
    • Get tested if you have symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID-19
    • Follow gathering limits, especially as more social gatherings move indoors
  • The risk of acquiring COVID-19 infection is much higher in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals compared to vaccinated individuals; when breakthrough cases occur in vaccinated people, they tend to be milder with a much lower risk of hospitalization, ICU admission and death.
  • Being fully vaccinated is the best protection against COVID-19, especially the Delta variant.
  • The Ontario Health West Region dashboard ( for December 6 provides an overview of the general regional trend.


The Ontario Science Advisory Table Fourth wave dashboard ( is reporting the current effective reproduction number R(t) is 1.14. This means the pandemic is growing. Please see the dashboard for more information.


  • This is an evolving situation and we are still learning about Omicron, such as how transmissible it is, how sick it makes people, and how effective current vaccines will be.
  • The Ministry of Health has provided interim guidance for the management of cases, contacts, and outbreaks.
  • Specimens positive for COVID-19 will be screened for a genetic mutation and a sample will undergo whole genome sequencing to identify Omicron.
  • It is important to continue following public health measures and to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.


  • There are active outbreaks at the following schools and childcare programs: North Perth Westfield Elementary School, North Perth Westfield before and after school program, Elma Township Public School, Milverton Public School before and after school program, and North Perth Spinrite Child and Family Centre.
  • There is one active workplace outbreak.
  • Details on active and past outbreaks can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth dashboard. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

  • As of December 6, we are reporting 219,283 vaccine doses administered in Huron Perth by HPPH and partners. 
  • We are now reporting vaccination coverage for Huron Perth residents aged 5 and over: 81% of eligible residents have received one dose of vaccine, and 77% are fully vaccinated. 
    • Vaccination coverage can be viewed on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage.  You will notice a change in vaccination coverage percentages because we are using updated population estimates. The population decreased by about 500 people and the distribution across age groups changed.

Huron Perth vaccination opportunities

  • HPPH and our partners continue to offer first, second, third, and booster doses across Huron and Perth.
  • Clinics are posted on our vaccine webpage:
  • As of December 13, clinics will no longer be labelled “5-11 friendly”.  All clinics will offer a family-friendly environment. Eligible individuals, including those aged 5 to 11, can book into any available clinic.
  • Clinics are by appointment only.  Appointments can be booked online or by calling
  • Many local pharmacies also continue to offer COVID-19 vaccinations. The current list of pharmacies offering vaccine can be found at:
  • If you are ill or have been told to isolate, do not come to clinic. You will need to reschedule your appointment.

Third and booster doses

  • Ontario is expanding eligibility for booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to adults aged 50 and over, effective December 13. Additional high-risk individuals are now also eligible for a booster dose, effective immediately.
  • Some groups are eligible for a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine if at least six months (168 days) have passed since their second dose (e.g. individuals aged 50 and over, health care workers)
  • Immunocompromised individuals continue to be eligible for a third dose about eight weeks (56 days) after their second dose.
  • A complete list of eligibility, and a calculator to determine when you can receive a booster or third dose, is provided at 
  • Before booking an appointment, we encourage people to use the calculator. If the required time since second dose has not passed, people will be turned away at the clinic.  We also cannot administer booster doses early to accommodate travel plans.