COVID-19 Update | July 14, 2021

Case count

  • Our most recent data shows that Huron Perth has a cumulative total of 1,917 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. There are currently ten active cases.
    • There is one Huron Perth resident in hospital due to COVID-19.
    • The number of deaths due to COVID-19 remains unchanged at 57.
    • More details on case counts can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage.
  • The Ontario Health West Region dashboard for July 12, 2021: provides an overview of the general regional trend.

  • Our neighbouring regions of Grey-Bruce and Waterloo continue to see a high number of cases involving the Delta variant. We need to remain vigilant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 locally.
  • All public health and workplace safety measures still need to be followed.


  • The recent community outbreak has been declared over. However, there is one active workplace outbreak.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Vaccine eligibility

  • Anyone aged 12 or older who received their first dose of mRNA vaccine can book a second dose appointment for a future HPPH clinic. The second dose must be at least 28 days after the first.
  • Pfizer is the only vaccine currently approved for youth ages 12 to 17 and is the only vaccine that will be administered to youth, in keeping with age requirements.
  • Several local pharmacies are also administering Moderna or Pfizer vaccinations. The current list can be found at:

Vaccination coverage

  • Vaccination coverage can be viewed on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage
  • As of July 13, we are reporting 153,304 vaccine doses administered in Huron Perth by HPPH and partners.
  • For Huron Perth residents aged 12 and over, 75% have received one dose of vaccine, and 49.6% are fully vaccinated.  For those aged 18 and over, 76.3% have received one dose and 53.1% are fully vaccinated.
    • Please note that we do not post vaccination rates for specific municipalities – we only publish data for Huron Perth in total.
  • In order to move beyond step 3 – we need to have at least 80% of eligible population (aged 12+)  with one dose and 75% with 2 doses.
  • A new Public Health Ontario report illustrates that COVID-19 vaccines are working.
    • The report, Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Following Vaccination in Ontario: December 14, 2020 to June 26, 2021  shows that the  number of breakthrough cases (i.e. cases in fully vaccinated individuals) is very low.
    • Overall in Ontario,  there were 815 symptomatic breakthrough cases or 0.2% of all confirmed cases in that time frame.
    • In Huron Perth, there were 6 symptomatic breakthrough cases, or 0.4% of all confirmed cases, in that time frame.
    • Put another way, in Huron Perth, 99.4% of all confirmed cases during that time frame were in individuals who were not fully vaccinated (they were not vaccinated at all, had one dose, or it had not yet been two weeks after their second dose).
    • The higher the number of people fully vaccinated, the more potential chains of transmission are broken and we will be successful in controlling transmission in Step 3 as the virus will not ‘find’ susceptible hosts.
    • People who are vaccinated are highly protected against infection; they protect themselves and others.
    • See the full report: Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Following Vaccination in Ontario: December 14, 2020 to June 26, 2021 | Public Health Ontario

Huron Perth vaccination opportunities

  • In order to protect the residents of Huron-Perth and to continue reopenings, we continue to encourage eligible residents who have not yet received a first or second dose to get a vaccination as soon as they can.
  • We especially ask younger people to get their first or second dose. Younger people may perceive that COVID-19 infection is not concerning to them as they are not likely to have severe illness; however please keep in mind that:
    • Some younger people do experience severe illness
    • Some people experience ‘long’ symptoms and we do not yet have a good understanding of the implications of that
    • A vaccinated younger person means the virus has one less host to possibly infect;  which protects their older loved ones.
  • In addition to booking appointments, we are now able to also offer limited walk-in opportunities at the following clinics for first or second doses:
    • July 14 – Listowel [All walk-in spots now spoken for as of 2 p.m. July 14]
    • July 14 – Goderich from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Pfizer)
    • July 15 – Stratford from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Moderna)
    • July 15 – Exeter from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Pfizer)
    • July 17 – Goderich from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Moderna)
    • Please visit HPPH on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates on walk-in opportunities.
    • Please note:
      • Walk-ins will be only be accepted during the specific time given, or until vaccine supply for walk-ins has been used up.
      • If coming for your second dose, it must be at least 28 days since your first mRNA dose.
      • Bring your health card with you, if you have one. Please bring a mask and wear a short-sleeved shirt.
      • Please dress for the weather. You may have to wait outside.
      • If you have a booked appointment for this clinic, you will still receive your vaccine at the scheduled time.
  • To book an appointment at an HPPH clinic, please visit or call 1-833-753-2098.
  • Please continue to cancel any unneeded appointments.  Visit or call the booking line at 1-833-753-2098; press 2 (two).
  • We look forward to sharing further walk-in opportunities and will be posting information for August vaccination opportunities on our website soon.
  • Remember that Moderna and Pfizer are interchangeable mRNA vaccines which means you can receive one vaccine as a first dose and the other as a second dose. This “vaccine mixing” is safe, effective at protecting you from COVID-19 and counts as a completed series in Ontario. Again, youth 12-17 will receive Pfizer in keeping with age requirements.

Roadmap to Reopen – Step three

  • At 12:01 a.m. on July 16, Ontario, including Huron Perth, will enter Step 3 of the provincial Roadmap to Reopen.
  • Step 3 focuses on the resumption of additional indoor services with larger numbers of people and restrictions in place. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Indoor social gatherings and organized public events with up to 25 people
    • Outdoor social gatherings and organized public events with up to 100 people
  • Please remember that requirements for masks or face coverings in indoor public settings, and physical distancing remain in place throughout Step three.
  • For more information on Step 3 please see  
  • We know that further easing of restrictions is exciting for residents, visitors and businesses. We want to thank all Huron Perth business owners and operators who have made sacrifices to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and for their continued cooperation and patience as the new changes come into effect. The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for many local business owners, and we ask that all Huron Perth residents and visitors be respectful, kind and patient with businesses as they implement the changes under the Reopening Ontario Act.