COVID-19 Update - March 2, 2022

Case count

  • The number of people in Huron Perth who actually have COVID-19 continues to be much higher than what we are reporting. As per provincial direction, Huron Perth Public Health continues to investigate COVID-19 cases in highest-risk settings, including long-term care and retirement homes, hospitals, and some congregate living settings.
  • As of today, March 2, Huron Perth has a cumulative total of 5,680 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.
    • There has been one new death due to COVID-19 since the last media briefing, bringing the total in Huron-Perth to 93. Our condolences go out to the loved ones of this individual.
    • There are currently four people in hospital due to COVID-19, three with active infection.
  • Data is available on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth dashboard. 
  • The Ontario Health West Region dashboard ( from February 24 provides an overview of the general regional trend.



  • There are currently no active outbreaks in highest-risk settings.
  • Details can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth dashboard.  

Provincial reopening

  • With key public health and health system indicators continuing to improve, Ontario lifted the following public health and workplace safety measures, as planned, on March 1, 2022:
    • Proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter businesses certain indoor public settings (e.g. restaurants, recreation facilities, and other services.)
      • However, proof of vaccination remains in place for long term care homes and other high-risk settings where people may be more vulnerable to severe outcomes.
      • Some businesses may choose to implement their own policy and continue to ask for proof of vaccination
    • Limits on indoor or outdoor social gatherings and organized public events or religious services, rites or ceremonies
    • Sector-specific restrictions such as limits on dancing or singing, requirements to remain seated, and active screening
  • The following requirements remain in place:
    • Masks/face coverings in all indoor public spaces
    • Passive screening of individuals by posting signs at all entrances
    • Business safety plans, posted in an accessible location

Additional measures also remain in highest-risk settings such as long-term care and retirement homes. Also, schools and private schools must continue to follow provincial return to school direction.

Continued caution: reduce your risk

  • It’s very encouraging that the indicators are improving and the province is able to lift some measures. However, Omicron is still circulating and is still a serious disease, one that can lead to hospitalization, long COVID or death.
  • It’s very important for people and organizations to consider their risk, the risk of others, and how to best lower the risk.
  • HPPH especially urges caution for those who are at higher risk of severe outcomes, as well as those who have loved ones at higher risk:
    • People of advanced age
    • People living in congregate settings
    • People with underlying health conditions
    • People who are unvaccinated
  • For higher risk individuals: 
    • consider the activities in which you participate, avoid close contact and closed, crowded conditions, maintain two metres distance, wear a mask or face covering where required or when you cannot maintain physical distance 
    • make sure you have received all vaccine doses for which you are eligible and encourage your family and friends
    • wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer, especially before touching your face
    • consider continued virtual attendance for higher risk activities
  • In addition to the remaining provincial direction on face coverings, HPPH encourages businesses and individuals to reduce risk for the community through:
    • vaccination
    • screening
    • staying home if ill
    • physical distancing
    • working from home if possible
    • ensuring good ventilation (e.g. being outside or if inside, opening windows)
    • practicing good hand hygiene
  • If you think you may have COVID-19, or were exposed to the virus, please complete the Ontario Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Self-Assessment.
  • Visit for isolation and/or self-monitoring guidelines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

  • As of February 28, we are reporting 293,341 vaccine doses administered in Huron Perth by HPPH and partners. 
  • 84% of Huron Perth residents aged five and older have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 81% are fully vaccinated.
    • 48% of five to 11 year olds have received their first dose and 28% are fully vaccinated.
    • 61% of adults aged 18 and older have received three doses, including more than 93% of those aged 70 and older. 17% of those aged 80 and older have received a fourth dose.
      • Advanced age continues to be the most significant risk factor for a poor outcome with a COVID-19 infection.
    • Complete vaccination coverage details can be found on our COVID-19 in Huron and Perth webpage.
  • Vaccination is the best defence against COVID-19 and a key part of the longer-term management of the virus.  Individuals who are not vaccinated remain at much higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19.  HPPH urges everyone eligible to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. 

Huron Perth vaccination opportunities

  • For the month of March, HPPH is offering COVID-19 vaccination clinics in many smaller communities across Huron and Perth.  
  • All clinics are family-friendly and welcome eligible individuals aged five and over for first, second, and third/booster doses.  Some clinics accept appointments and others accept walk-ins.
  • To see the latest vaccination opportunities and upcoming clinic dates and locations, visit  
  • HPPH expects to scale back its vaccination clinics in April and beyond, while ensuring Huron Perth residents are aware of local vaccination opportunities.