HPPH Medical Officer of Health Issues Class Order

Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of Health for Huron Perth Public Health has issued a Class Order under Section 22 of Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act.

The Order is a legal measure that authorizes the health unit to enforce individual compliance with public health instructions. The key focus of this Order is to ensure people who have been told to self-isolate or quarantine by public health or a health care provider are doing so. Those who do not comply can be given a ticket under the Reopening Ontario Act with a fine of $750 per day. You could be charged and fined up to $5,000 per day under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Dr. Klassen says that while most Huron Perth residents have been doing what they should, there has recently been an increased lack of adherence by people who have been told to self-isolate because they are COVID positive or are a high risk contact to a positive case. “Our case and contact investigators are finding more and more people who are not willing to adhere to our instructions to self-isolate. This is not acceptable, as it threatens the health of other members of the community as well as increases the potential to overwhelm our healthcare system. This Order gives us the authority to charge people who will not follow our instructions.”

This Class Order applies to anyone who has been told to self-isolate and/or quarantine for any reason related to COVID-19 by Huron Perth Public Health, or a healthcare provider at an assessment/testing centre, emergency department or family doctor’s office.

Instructions included within the Order include isolating yourself in accordance with instructions provided by Huron Perth Public Health, keeping those around you safe from infection, staying away from vulnerable persons, and seeking prompt medical attention should you need it.

The order came into effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, November 29 and applies to all residents of Huron and Perth counties. It can be enforced by public health inspectors, and provincial offence officers such as police and by-law officers.

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