Start your Quit Story this National Non-Smoking Week

National Non-Smoking Week

January 19 to 25 is National Non-Smoking Week and Huron Perth Public Health is highlighting ways local residents can get support to quit smoking for good.

Quit Smoking Support

“Quitting smoking can be hard, but it is possible” says Jaelyn Kloepfer, Public Health Promoter. “Support is available, and you are not alone in your journey to quit smoking.” Huron Perth Public Health offers:

  • one-on-one counselling support
  • free nicotine replacement therapy when eligible, and
  • connections to community resources.

For more information, visit  or call 1-888-221-2133.

Start Your Quit Story Campaign

This year during National Non-Smoking Week, health units across southwestern Ontario are highlighting inspirational quit smoking stories.

Through the Start Your Quit Story Campaign, you find motivational stories told by people like Matthew. Matthew quit smoking in 2013 and says he “tried to quit many times over the years. But, it’s worth it to keep fighting because once you get there the victory is worth all the failed attempts.” You can find Matthew’s full story, tips for quitting, and support on the Facebook page @StartYourQuitStory. This is also a great place to share your story if you have quit smoking or if you’re thinking about quitting.


Break It Off Challenge

In addition, Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society have launched the Ultimate Break it Off Challenge to encourage young adults to quit smoking and stay smoke-free. Young adults (age 18-29) can register for the contest in one of three categories including quitting smoking, staying smoke-free, or supporting a friend in their quit journey by February 6, 2020. Draws for cash prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250 will take place on March 20, 2020. Registration can be completed at

Other free supports that are available:

  • Telehealth’s quit smoking program: access to telephone support 1-866-797-000 
  • Smokers’ Helpline online community:
  • Smokers’ Helpline: text iQuit to 123456 for texting support
  • Some doctors offices or pharmacies       

National Non-Smoking Week takes place the third week of January each year and focuses on helping people quit smoking and preventing people from starting to smoke.