Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding

Health Canada recommends that infants receive breast milk up to two years and beyond with the introduction of iron rich foods at six months.

Knowing the importance of breast milk and the risk of not breastfeeding should be part of an informed decision by families.

Huron Perth Public Health provides breastfeeding information and supports through prenatal classes, parenting programs, postpartum phone calls and infant feeding clinics where available.

Best practices breastfeeding resources

Resources to help you support breastfeeding mothers in your practice:

Non-breastfeeding mothers

Some parents decide to use formula for their infants. They will need accurate information in the following areas:

  • Preparing, feeding and storing formulas safely
  • Feeding the formula to the infant with a cup, bottle or other device
  • Comforting the baby without using a pacifier
  • Accessing community resources

Information on formula feeding is available in the Best Start resource Formula Feeding: What You Need to Know

If a breastfeeding family needs to supplement using expressed breastmilk or formula, ask about our booklet "When Your Breastfed Baby Needs Extra Milk".