Lived Experience Expert Panel

Huron Perth Public Health is creating a Lived Experience Expert Panel (LEEP). This volunteer panel is for residents of Huron County who have current or past involvement with systems such as:

  • The welfare system (Ontario Works, ODSP, housing)
  • The Court system (family, civil, criminal, youth)
  • Child welfare system
  • Education system
  • Healthcare system (mental health, addictions, disability)
  • Immigration, the Indian Act and other systems that can regulate someone's life
  • and/or experience discrimination based on age, gender, race, income, sexual orientation, disability, etc. 

These are systems that are designed to help, but sometimes don't. If you have experienced any of these systems, or have helped someone through one of these systems, you are invited to apply for the panel.

Apply for the panel

To apply, please contact us.

View the How to Join LEEP brochure for an outline of how the LEEP process works.


You can join the Lived Experience Expert Panel if you:

  • Have been or are currently involved with a system (or systems), either for yourself or to help someone else
  • Have though about your experience with that system(s) – how they worked or didn't work for you or how you would change them
  • Are willing to share your insights into systems and other social issues
  • Are willing to respond to monthly questions

We would like to hear from Huron County parents, seniors, young people, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, people with disabilities, newcomers, people who live on farms or in towns, who have lived here since birth or who have just moved here and everyone in between.

How it works

Every month or so we will send you an email with a link to a survey that will ask you for your thoughts on a question or a series of short questions about a topic or an issue that affects people in Huron County. You may choose to answer the question by talking on the phone with one of our team members, or we will send you a paper survey in the mail.

You can choose to answer all or part of the questionnaire or skip the whole topic entirely. We are looking for your understanding of systems based on your experience but you can tell us whatever you like about the topic.

We will not be asking you about your direct experiences with systems, but instead about how your experiences with systems helped you understand how those systems work, and how they could be improved.

Your responses will be used to help decision-makers think about and work to improve the systems and programs that many people in our community rely upon.


All information you give us will be kept private and we will not tell anyone you have us information. There are two exceptions to this. If we believe a child, youth or adult may harm themselves or others, we will report that information to the authorities.

Depending on the situation, this may involve contacting the police and/or Children's Aid Society. We would give the authorities the name and contact information of the people involved. If a child, youth or adult is in crisis, we will refer the person to the Huron Perth Helpline and Crisis Response Team.