Substance Abuse Strategy Groups

Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) works with community groups to help address and reduce substance abuse in our community. These groups include OPP, first responders, hospitals, physicians, frontline mental health and addiction services, education and local community groups.

HPPH reviews provincial data and coordinates local opioid data collection on a regular basis as part of the Huron Substance Misuse Working Group and the Perth Opioid Strategy Group. The groups coordinate communication and community response. Learn more about each group:

Huron Substance Misuse Working Group

HPPH and community partners work together as the Huron County Substance Misuse Working Group, implementing an opioid drug strategy to address opioid-related harms.

Perth Opioid Strategy Group

HPPH facilitates the Perth County Opioid Strategy Group to help address opioid-related harms in Perth County.

Additional resources

Opioid addiction is a national public health crisis. To learn more about opioids and efforts to stop the opioid crisis, check out these resources: