Check What We Inspect

Check What We Inspect disclosure decal

You can now view health inspection reports for local food premises online with Check What We Inspect.  In accordance with the Ontario Public Health Standards, all public health units complete routine and complaint-based inspections at local businesses and are required to publicly disclose a summary of those inspections. Currently, members of the public can access inspection results by communicating with the business directly, or by contacting HPPH.

A phased approach will be taken to add inspections to the Check What We Inspect web page. Inspection reports for food premises have been added first. Food premises include restaurants, mobile food trucks, catering premises, grocery stores and other businesses that serve food to the public. All other premises inspected by public health will be added later.

The Check What We Inspect web page will add to the existing disclosure program at HPPH. The status of beach water quality, and convictions of tobacco and e-cigarette retailers are already available on our website.

HPPH is committed to continue working with business owners and operators to ensure they understand and comply with public health requirements. If you are a business owner or operator seeking more information about Check What We Inspect, please contact HPPH or your public health inspector directly.