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Huron Perth Public Health offers a variety of resources, supports and services to schools to promote the health and well-being of students and the school community. A comprehensive school health approach involves school boards, administrators, educators and community agencies working together to create an environment that will make a positive impact on student health and learning.

Role of public health in schools

  • Provide health education supports and resources
  • Collaborate with parents, educators and students to build a healthy school community
  • Support the development and implementation of school health policies
  • Partner with healthy school committees to promote student leadership and engagement
  • Provide youth health-related information and services

Our work is guided by the Ontario Public Health Standards and the School Health Guideline.

Health resources for schools

Each school in Huron and Perth counties is unique. The School Health Team will make every effort to address a variety of topics based on school requests. If you are an educator looking for a particular resource for your school or classroom please complete our request form.

Explore the health topics below and discover web-based, community, and curriculum-support resources.

More information

Head lice are a common nuisance and can spread whenever there is close head-to-head contact, particularly among children in childcare programs, schools and recreational settings. Head lice do not pose a health risk.

Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification is based on a 4-Step Healthy Schools Process that supports school communities to take a planned and comprehensive approach to address health topics over the course of a school year. Healthy Schools Certification gives your school the tools to promote and enhance the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader school community.



  • Oral health lesson plan and Kit for grades K-2 can be requested through the school health request form.
  • For information about oral health and free dental services, visit our Oral Health page.

There are many benefits to children learning and playing outdoors, but preventing exposure to harmful UV rays is important. 

SunSense is a national sun safety program developed by the Canadian Cancer Society, with the goal of reducing the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer in Canada. The free program provides tools and resources to support the creation of sun safe environments that protect students and staff from harmful ultraviolet radiation. 

Learn more or register your school.

  • Eye See…Eye Learn® program from the Ontario Association of Optometrists provides one free pair of eye glasses, if needed, for children in junior or senior kindergarten.
  • OHIP covers the cost of annual eye exams for children and youth aged 19 and younger.

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