Safe Food Handling Courses

Huron Perth Public Health offers safe food handling courses so that you can become a certified food handler. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all food premises, such as restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias etc., are required to have a certified safe food handler on-site while food is being served.

Food handler certification

View the courses and options available in Huron and Perth counties to get your safe food handling certification. Once you complete the course and pass a test, you will get a Food Handler Training Certification that will last for 5 years.

Contact us to register for an upcoming food handling course or recertification class.

During the course, you will learn how to:

  • prevent food-borne illness
  • heat, cool and store food efficiently
  • recognize the potential hazards when you receive and handle food
  • respond to emergency situations (i.e. fire, flood, blackout)

Huron County class schedule

We offer a 1-day full certification course, 2-day evening course and a half-day recertification course. View our course schedule.

There are no food safety courses available at this time.

Perth County class schedule

There are no food safety courses available at this time.


If you received a Food Handler Certificate within the last 10 years, you may be eligible to write a recertification test without retaking a food safety course. Alternatively, you can take a shorter refresher course prior to writing the test.

Contact us  to learn more about recertification courses and tests.

Online courses

You can take a food handler certification course online at In Good Hands.