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Birth Control Options

If you have a birth control prescription from your doctor or nurse practitioner, you can bring it to a Huron Perth Public Health sexual health clinic to buy low-cost birth control. We have financial assistance available if you need some support. You can also pick up condoms and dental dams for free. 

Need a prescription? 

If you need a prescription for birth control but don't have a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) you can book an appointment at a sexual health clinic. You'll meet with a doctor or nurse practitioner and can talk to them about your sexual health. They can prescribe birth control. 


If you are refilling a birth control prescription, you will need to speak with a nurse (by text, phone, or in person) and give us 24 hours' notice. 

Birth control options

* Please note that birth control pills are the 28-day format. 

Name  Type Cost
Alesse Pill $17
Alysena Pill $10
Linessa Pill $10
Lolo (availability varies by clinic) Pill $10
Marvelon Pill $10
Min-Ovral Pill $20
Movisse Pill $10
Tricira Lo Pill $10
Triquilar (availability varies by clinic) Pill $5
Yasmin Pill $15
Evra  Patch $10
NuvaRing Ring $10
Depo-Provera Shot $33
Kyleena Intrauterine Device/Intrauterine System $330
Liberte Intrauterine Device/Intrauterine System $85
Mirena Intrauterine Device/Intrauterine System $350
Ella Emergency Contraceptive (Morning After Pill) $17
Plan B Emergency Contraceptive (Morning After Pill) $20

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