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Needle Exchange, Naloxone and Opioids

Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) provides new, sterile equipment to promote safer injection and inhalation of drugs. Nurses are available to speak with clients in an open, non-judgmental way.

Needle exchange programs help prevent transmission of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other blood-borne infections, and they reduce the number of used needles discarded in the community.

Harm reduction is an evidence-based approach that aims to reduce the health and social harms associated with addiction and substance use.  

Needle exchange supplies and locations

The following supplies are available through the Needle Exchange Program free of charge:

  • needles and syringes
  • cookers, filters, meth pipes and crack kits
  • alcohol swabs and tourniquets
  • vitamin C and sterile water
  • sharps containers
  • naloxone kits

Drop in to one of the needle exchange locations to pick up safe drug supplies. You do not need an appointment. You can get supplies for yourself, a family member, friend, or anyone that you know that may be in need. 

HPPH also offers sexual health clinics where you can access sexually transmitted and blood-borne infection (STBBI) testing and treatment.

Needle exchange locations in Huron County
Location Address Day(s) and time
CMHA Goderich 29 Kingston St. Office hours may vary; call 1-888-261-9350
Royal Oaks RX Pharmacy, Wingham 131 John St. Monday and Friday, 8:30AM-5:30PM

Needle exchange locations in Perth County
Location Address Day(s) and time
HPPH | Festival Square site 10 Downie St., Stratford, 2nd Floor Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM (sometimes closed 12-1PM depending on staff availability)
HPPH | Listowel site 161 Inkerman St. W., Listowel Call or text 519-635-2504 to order supplies. Pick up Fridays, 9AM-2PM
HPPH | West Gore site 653 West Gore St., Stratford Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM (naloxone kits not available at this location)
I.D.A. Listowel Care Pharmacy 975 Wallace Ave. N., Listowel Monday-Saturday, 9AM-6PM
It Takes a Village 148 Main St. W., Listowel

Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-2PM

Thursdays, 2-6PM

Pharmasave Listowel 130 Argyle Ave. N., Listowel

Ask at pharmacy counter

Monday-Friday, 9:30AM-6:30PM

Saturdays, 10AM-2PM

Disposing of needles

To dispose of needles, contact your local pharmacy or use one of the Community Sharps Disposal Kiosks listed below.

You can dispose of needle syringes individually or in hard plastic containers, such as:

  • biohazard containers
  • bleach bottles
  • containers under 4.5L in size

Community sharps disposal kiosks in Huron County
Location Address
Alice Munro Public Library, Wingham 281 Edward St., Wingham
HPPH | Clinton site 77722B London Rd., Clinton
Mid-Huron Recycling Centre, Clinton

37506A Huron Rd., Clinton

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 8AM-1PM (except statutory holidays)

South Huron Municipal Office, Exeter 322 Main St., Exeter

Community sharps disposal kiosks in Perth County
Location Address
Erie Street parking lot, downtown Stratford 91 Erie St., Stratford, behind the Festival Square building
Huron Perth Centre, Listowel 570 Main St. W., Listowel, behind building
Perth East Recreation Centre (PERC), Milverton 40 Temperance St., Milverton, north side of Gies Pavillion (south of the PERC building)
The Local Community Food Centre, Stratford 612 Erie St., Stratford
Town Hall, St. Marys 175 Queen St. E., St. Marys, east side of building
West End Pharmacy, Stratford 426 Huron St., Stratford, side of the building
HPPH West Gore site parking lot, Stratford 653 West Gore St., Stratford, back of the lower parking lot
Former West Perth Municipal Building 169 St. David St., Mitchell

Found used needles in the community?

Learn how to safely deal with found sharps and needles


Opioids, such as oxycodone, morphine, heroin and fentanyl are drugs that can be used to treat pain. Some people use them to get high. Opioids come in prescription and street forms. Street opioids like fentanyl, carfentanil, and newer synthetic opioids vary in their strength and quality. They may contain other substances or be added to another drug.

HPPH monitors activity in Huron Perth such as:

  • Overdose calls
  • Emergency room visits
  • Reports from healthcare professionals and support workers

This helps us track any increases in overdose deaths or near deaths so that we can alert our partners and the community.

To learn more about opioid-related overdoses and deaths occurring locally and throughout Ontario, check out Public Health Ontario’s Interactive Opioid Tool.


Naloxone is a medication that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and allow time for medical help to arrive. HPPH offers free naloxone kits and training to people who use drugs. Kits are also available to family members, friends and other people able to help someone who may be at risk of an opioid overdose. 

Learn how to recognize an opioid overdose. If you see someone experiencing an overdose, you should call 9-1-1 immediately and give them naloxone.

Find out where you can get free naloxone kits in Ontario by using the online locator map. The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act provides some legal protection for individuals who seek emergency help during an overdose.

Since June 1, 2023, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires that naloxone be available in some workplaces in case a worker has an opioid overdose. 

Find out more about naloxone in the workplace and if you are required to have a naloxone kit at your workplace.

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