Environment and Health

The built and natural environment can affect your immediate and long-term health. Learn how to improve and monitor air quality and identify a variety of other hazards in the region. Also, learn about how climate change may affect health.

Emergency preparedness

Are you prepared for an emergency? Learn how to create an emergency plan. Emergencies include environmental disasters, such as flooding. Find out how to keep you and your family safe during an emergency.

Water quality and testing

Access to safe water is important. Learn more about how Huron Perth Public Health helps ensure safe drinking water and recreational water, including beach water testing.


Extreme weather events are a growing public health concern due to the impacts of climate change. Huron and Perth counties experience both extreme heat and extreme cold events seasonally.

Weather warnings are issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada and shared locally. The chart below illustrates the number of heat warnings and special weather statements associated with hot temperatures issued for Huron and Perth annually.

Annual Alerts Issued
Type of alert202020212022
Number of Heat Warnings 5 2 4
Number of Special Weather Statements 0 0 1

Learn how to stay safe in extreme heat and extreme cold.