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Weight Inclusive Approach

Huron Perth Public Health recognizes that weight bias and the resulting stigma and discrimination are a public health concern. Weight ideals and stereotypes about larger bodies are learned and result in negative attitudes related to body weight, shape and size. 

Weight stigma and discrimination have been reported in healthcare, employment, education, media and interpersonal interactions. Exposure to health messages that focus on weight and approaches to “control” weight have been shown to increase weight-related bullying and mistreatment.

A weight inclusive approach means: 

  • Recognizing that you can’t predict health or health outcomes based on someone’s weight
  • Understanding that body weight is influenced by many factors including genetics, and environmental, social and political factors
  • Communicating the importance of reducing and eliminating weight bias, stigma and discrimination
  • Promoting health without focusing on weight.

Inequities, stigma and discrimination result in poorer health outcomes. Weight bias affects people of all ages. It's harmful to everyone, but has the greatest negative impact on people in larger bodies and people who face other forms of discrimination. 

Eating disorders

Weight inclusive approaches are beneficial for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. To learn more visit Eating Disorders Ontario.

Eating disorders are a set of serious mental health conditions that can occur in individuals of all shapes and sizes. You can refer your patient to one of the services available to support individuals struggling with eating disorders and unhealthy weight control practices:

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