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18-Month Well Baby Visit

Eighteen months is a milestone in a child's development and you will want to schedule a visit to your child's family doctor. The goal of this visit is to support the health and development of your child. 

Contact your family doctor's office in order to book an enhanced 18-month well baby visit. 

During this appointment, you will discuss your child's development with your healthcare provider. You will likely complete a checklist, which provides a snapshot of your child's development and acts as a starting point for the discussion. 

If any developmental problems or concerns are identified, your doctor will put you in contact with the appropriate healthcare specialist. 

View the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services important 18-month milestones to learn more about what your doctor will screen for during your baby's 18-month well baby visit. By 18 months, your child should be able to: 

  • Point to several body parts when asked 
  • Point to pictures using one finger 
  • Use at least 20 words consistently 
  • Demonstrate some pretend play with toys 
  • Enjoy being read to and sharing simple books with you 
  • Respond with words or gestures to simple questions 
  • Show affection for people, pets or toys 
  • Walk on their own 

The 18-month well-baby visit is a key appointment for immunizations and may be the last regular check-up before a child starts school. 

This is a crucial opportunity to determine whether a child is meeting important developmental milestones and to make necessary connections among primary care practitioners, parents and community resources. 

Physicians and other health professionals are in a unique position, through their continuing contact with patients and families, to increase the odds of children meeting their developmental milestones. 

The enhanced visit allows physicians or other health professionals to take the time they need using standardized tools to: 

  • Identify potential concerns early 
  • Refer parents and children to appropriate local services if needed 
  • Discuss any concerns the parent has 

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