Immunization in Schools

Many students have not been able to stay up-to-date with their routine immunizations. Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) typically organizes immunization clinics in schools across Huron and Perth counties. To help students catch up on their immunizations, HPPH will be holding community clinics this spring and summer.

2022 Community clinics for school-based vaccines

Community immunization clinics will be available by appointment as follows:

May to early June*

  • For students who are currently in Grades 10-12 (born in 2004-2006)
  • Vaccine available: 
  • Consent for Tdap vaccine [PDF] - if possible, please print and complete the form and bring it with you to your appointment. 
  • *If students were unable to attend one of the Tdap clinics in May or June, they may book an appointment for Tdap vaccine at a clinic in July or August. 

June to August

Parents/legal guardians/students are encouraged to book an appointment at their earliest convenience to avoid missing the opportunity for vaccination. A signed consent form is required for students to receive these vaccines.

If you are unable to attend one of these clinics, there will be other opportunities to receive these vaccines in the future, or you may arrange to obtain them through your health care provider.

Clinic dates and locations - Meningitis, Hep B and HPV vaccines

These clinics are primarily offering Meningitis, Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines for youth born between 2007 and 2009. Some Tdap vaccine will be available for youth born between 2004 and 2006 who were unable to attend a prior clinic.

To book an appointment, please click on the link for the date and location you would like. If you have difficulty booking online, please call 1-833-753-2098.

Please note: Mask use will continue at HPPH community vaccination clinics. Our clinic staff will be masked, and we ask everyone who attends to also be masked. If you do not have a mask, one will be available at the clinic.

July 6 | Pyramid Recreation Centre | 317 James Street South, St. Marys | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | St. Marys

July 12 | Steve Kerr Memorial Complex | 965 Binning Street West, Listowel | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Listowel

July 13 | Seaforth & District Community Centre | 122 Duke Street, Seaforth | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Seaforth

July 26 | Wingham Knights of Columbus Centre | 99 Kerr Drive, Wingham | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Wingham

August 17 | Goderich Memorial Arena | 180 McDonald Street, Goderich | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Goderich

August 18 | Stratford Intermediate School | 60 St. Andrew Street, Stratford | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Stratford

August 23 | West Perth Community Centre | 185 Wellington Street, Mitchell | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Mitchell

August 24 | South Huron District High School | 92 Gidley Street East, Exeter | 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Book school-based immunization | Exeter

Vaccine exemptions

Families who choose not to protect their child with routine immunizations are required to have a properly commissioned affidavit on file. Please contact the Health Unit to discuss the new process for obtaining an exemption certificate and affidavit.

COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines may be given at the same time as, or any time before or after other vaccines, including live, non-live, adjuvanted, and non-adjuvanted vaccines. As a precaution, the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations (NACI) previously recommended that COVID-19 vaccines be given at least 28 days before and 14 days after other vaccines. After reviewing the evolving evidence on COVID-19 vaccines and considering the extensive data and experience of giving other routine vaccines at the same time or within days of each other, NACI has determined that a precautionary approach is no longer necessary.


Secondary school students are able to consent for themselves, but parents/legal guardians are encouraged to discuss immunizations with their child and take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated at the HPPH community-based clinics. For information about consent, review the Health Care Consent Act.

Helping your child prepare for immunizations

Many people feel nervous before getting a needle. Here are some things you can do to help your child get ready for their immunization appointment:

  • Tell your child when clinic day will be; the day before is a good time to remind your child they will be getting a needle.
  • Make sure your child eats something prior to their appointment.
  • A short sleeve shirt should be worn so that the nurse can easily access the upper arm, where the vaccine is administered.

Talk with your child about techniques to reduce possible pain and anxiety. Here are a few ideas:

  • Relax as much as possible during the immunization.
  • Take slow, deep breaths.
  • Close eyes and count.
  • Wiggle toes during the immunization.
  • Distract yourself with your phone or by looking at a picture.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take my child to our usual healthcare provider to get these vaccines?
Most healthcare providers do not carry these vaccines. It is recommended your child receives them at the community clinics.
What if my child is afraid of needles?
The nurses who will be giving the vaccines at the community clinics will work with your child to make this experience as positive as possible. Most students do well with the immunizations even if they were worried before. Having a conversation with your child will help them feel more prepared. If your child is extremely anxious, you may call the health unit to discuss an alternative arrangement for vaccine administration.
What if my child has already received some of these vaccines?
If you know that your child has already received these vaccines, you will need to inform HPPH and provide the date(s) your child received the vaccine(s). If you are not sure if your child has received any of these vaccines, call the health unit at 1-888-221-2133. We will help you determine if your child needs to be immunized.
Do I get a record of these immunizations?
Yes. After every vaccination your child will receive a record of what vaccine they received that day. Keep the record with your child's other health records.
Are these vaccines safe?
Vaccines undergo a complete review of their safety, quality and effectiveness before they are approved and can be used in Canada. After approval, vaccines are continually monitored through a "vaccine safety surveillance" program to ensure their safety.