Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria can attack the lungs, kidneys, spine or brain.

Where can I get a TB test?

Learn where you can get TB testing in Huron and Perth counties.


For students who live in Huron and Perth counties, you can get the required Tuberculosis skin test (TST) for your school program through:

  • Your healthcare provider – call to learn more or to book an appointment
  • Huron Perth Public Health (1-888-221-2133) 
  • Listowel Care Clinic, Listowel (226-885-0800)
  • South Huron Walk-In Clinic, Exeter (519-235-3343)
  • Western Student Health Services – Western Students only (519-661-3030)
  • Fanshawe Student Health Services – Fanshawe Students only (519-452-4230)

Work / Volunteer

If you need TB testing as part of work or volunteer requirements, please contact one of our partners to book your test.

Care Partners

TB skin testing through Care Partners usually costs $40 per test dose ($80 for a two-step test). You should check the cost before you go. If you get voicemail when phoning Care Partners, leave a message and your call will be returned.



  • 238 Josephine St., Unit 6. Wingham, ON N0G 2W0 | Telephone 1-800-443-4615 ext. 3246

Grey Bruce


Other locations

Other Testing Options

A healthcare provider can also perform a publicly funded TST for the following situations:

  • Medical necessity, such as a person who is immune-compromised or undergoing treatment that would make them more susceptible to TB disease.
  • A person younger than 65 who is about to be admitted to a long-term care home

If you have a medical reason for needing a TST and you don't have a healthcare provider, we can offer you testing. HPPH also provides TSTs for people who have been exposed to active TB. Contact us to book an appointment.

Huron Perth Public Health's role in fighting TB

TB is a reportable disease. Huron Perth Public Health receives reports of all positive skin tests, as well as all suspect or confirmed cases of TB, in Huron and Perth counties. HPPH will:

  • Investigate all reports of active or suspected cases of TB
  • Ensure required follow-up has been done on all reported positive TB skin tests
  • Provide free TB medication for prophylaxis and treatment
  • Provide information, advice on the management of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) and Active TB cases to healthcare providers

TB infection vs TB disease

Tuberculosis infection is also called latent tuberculosis infection or LTBI. If you have LTBI, you are not sick and cannot spread TB to others. Active tuberculosis disease, in severe cases, may lead to death if untreated. Both latent (inactive) and active TB can be treated with antibiotics. These are prescribed by your healthcare provider and are provided free of charge by Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH).

If you have active TB disease, you may be asked to isolate yourself from others so you do not spread the disease.