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Childcare Providers

Huron Perth Public Health offers support to childcare providers. Learn how to make your facility safe for all children, staff and volunteers.

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Food Premises, Markets, Events

Farmers' markets are a great way to encourage people to buy locally and support their community. Make sure to follow food safety requirements.

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Healthcare Providers

Important public health information for healthcare providers in Huron and Perth counties.

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School Health

At Huron Perth Public Health, we offer programs, resources, classroom materials and support to elementary and secondary school educators.

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Small Drinking Water Systems

If your business provides drinking water to the public, you are a Small Drinking Water System and it is your responsibility to make sure that the water is safe for drinking. 

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Spas, Salons, Tattooing/Piercing

HPPH provides regular health inspections of all beauty and body art establishments in the area to make sure that they follow all health, safety and cleanliness regulations. You can find these regulations in the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act.

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Health Equity

We support health equity by improving the social, economic, environmental and health systems in our community.

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