Pregnancy and Prenatal

Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) offers education, information and support to expectant parents. Having a baby can be one of the most exciting things, however, you might feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. We are here to help you at every stage of your pregnancy.

Take one of our prenatal classes or contact a public health nurse and receive one-to-one support.

Register for our prenatal classes

Access a public health nurse

Contact your healthcare provider

If you believe that you are pregnant, contact your healthcare provider. They can confirm your pregnancy and help discuss next steps to ensure that you and your baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy and delivery.

They will also give you a copy of Your Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.

Pregnancy supports

You may need to make a few lifestyle and dietary changes in order to help the growth and development of your new baby. Learn about alcohol use, diet and physical activity during pregnancy. For more information to help you through your pregnancy visit:

Abortion services

You can access abortion legally and safely in Ontario. Find abortion services locally to help you get the support you need.