Restaurant and Food Premises Inspections

Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) routinely visits restaurants and other food premises, such as grocery stores, cafeterias, chip trucks, hospital cafeterias, markets, childcare facilities, and more to ensure that the food being served is safe to eat. The goal of food safety-based inspections is to ensure that food is prepared and served safely, and to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses in our community.

Check What We Inspect

Inspection reports for local food premises are now available online. If you would like to review a food safety inspection report before visiting a restaurant or other food premises, visit HPPH’s Check What We Inspect webpage. All food premises will be required to display Check What We Inspect signage at the entrance to the premises. 

Food regulations

Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, public health inspectors have a responsibility to inspect all food premises in Perth and Huron counties. Public health inspectors routinely visit food premises to:

  • Conduct routine inspections
  • Do re-inspections; and
  • Follow-up on complaints and suspected foodborne illnesses

During an inspection, a public health inspector checks to see that the establishment is meeting the minimum requirements set out in the Food premises Regulations.