Baby Safety

Young children are naturally curious and don't easily recognize and avoid hazards. Most injuries are not accidents – they are preventable and predictable events. You can avoid injuries by supervising your children carefully and making their environment safe.

Crib and sleep safety

Cribs are a secure and safe place for your baby to sleep. Review the Government of Canada's Is Your Child Safe? Sleep Time pamphlet to learn more about crib and sleep safety. Learn tips for creating a safe sleep environment and purchasing a safe crib.


Young children are at a high risk for choking or suffocating. Check out the Parachute's tips to prevent choking to help keep your baby safe.


If your child has consumed a poisonous substance, contact Ontario Poison Control and seek medical attention immediately. Visit Parachute to learn more about household poisons and tips to keep your child safe.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a condition that occurs when a baby is shaken violently. Shaking can damage your baby's brain and may cause death. No child, at any age, should be shaken. Learn more about Shaken Baby Syndrome through the National Centre on Shaken Baby Syndrome.