Smoking Cessation Resources

Research shows that smoking cessation interventions by more than one type of health professional can substantially improve your patients' ability to stop smoking.

Smoking cessations referrals

For a list of resources available to your patients, please see Smoking Tobacco. Connecting your patients to counselling supports, nicotine replacement therapy, or pharmacotherapy, is an important step in supporting their quit attempt. Many of these supports are applicable to both smoking and vaping cessation.

Health811 (formerly Telehealth) offers a smoking cessation program that provides phone support for quitting smoking and vaping. You can refer patients through the Smokers' Helpline online referral form.

Advise patients to quit smoking

Just a few minutes can make a difference and help your patients quit smoking. Learn more about integrating smoking cessation into your practice, including the 5A model of minimal contact tobacco intervention, at You Can Make It Happen.

Quit Partners Community of Practice

The Quit Partners Community of Practice is a group of health professionals who share a passion for tobacco cessation. The goal of this group is to continually improve access to comprehensive cessation programs for Huron Perth residents. This includes:

  • Building capacity among members to offer tobacco cessation services and programs
  • Working to remove gaps in local cessation services and programs
  • Building supportive relationships across member organizations
  • Knowledge exchange and training opportunities
  • Group sharing and updates via the Quit Partners e-bulletin

Current membership includes local Family Health Teams, pharmacies, addictions and mental health, dental professionals, respiratory therapists, hospitals, and more. Please contact us to learn more or join.